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gagaspam's Journal

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A community created for an excuse to post GaGa picspam.
I'm your biggest fan
Hey, monsters. Lookin' to score? Join for your daily GaGa fix. We'll hook you up.
This community is open to anyone. People who aren't necessarily fans of GaGa are welcome as well, but don't join just to troll or hate on everything. Posts will never be videos or interviews or anything that isn't a simple picture of GaGa.

o1: The pictures posted? None of them will be mine unless I say otherwise.
o2: Comments are a beautiful thing. Entries need them to survive. Go ahead and comment, say whatever you want.
o3: If you don't like what GaGa is wearing in a picture, then don't be scared to say so. Nobody needs to always love what she wears.
o4: Play nice, ok. Disagreements happen, but don't push it.
o5: ENJOY YOURSELVES, damn you.
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